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gentle sleep coach Angie Watts

Hi, I'm Angie Watts

The passionate founder of Sage Parenting Solutions, and mom to two remarkable teenagers.

My personal journey through motherhood, nurturing a spirited, sensory-sensitive child, has taken me on a path of exhaustion, frustration, and self-doubt. The heartache of not knowing how best to support and soothe my child was a true test of resilience. Through trial and error, coupled with sound guidance and patience, we persevered, learning and growing along the way. Now, my mission is to guide and uplift other parents, sharing the reassuring light at the end of the tunnel.

This desire to effect positive change in the lives of others led me to pursue my Gentle Sleep and Potty Coach certifications in 2023 under the mentorship of Kim West, baby and child sleep expert and author of ‘The Sleep Lady's Good Night Sleep Tight.’ I look forward to sharing my expertise and guiding your family toward more restful nights and easier days.

Kind Words

"She is extremely supportive, always responsive and her follow-up to keep us on track was impressive. I highly recommend her services!"

Liza, mom of 3-year-old

"For the past few years, our son was not able to fall asleep in his own bed. After working with Angie, he is able to confidently drift off to sleep on his own."

Sahil and Devi, parents of 4-year-old

"Angie's help was life changing. We definitely recommend Angie to anyone who needs help with their baby's sleep. You'll be happy you called her."

Ashley, mom of 7-month-old

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