I was weary and hesitant to start potty training my son, because I simply didn’t know the real best way to start. Skip all the self-help literature and advice from your friends and go straight to Angie! Her coaching is above par; She efficiently gathered the information needed to cater to my son’s specific needs and personality type. Her instructions were clear, her approach was encouraging and flexible when needed, and her strategies with my son were successful. She is extremely supportive, always responsive and her follow-up to keep us on track was impressive. I highly recommend her services!

Liza, mom of 3-year-old

We really enjoyed working with Angie. She was patient and compassionate right from the start. She had a wealth of knowledge about the nature of how to effectively sleep train. Angie mixed her training with real-world, hands-on experience from raising her own two children as well as with her previous clients. Angie educated us on the gentle sleep coaching method that really helped us since we never wanted our kids to ‘cry it out’. She introduced us to tools and helped modify approaches as we tested and learned together what worked for our son, with whom Angie had an instant rapport. Over three weeks, we gradually adjusted our son to a better sleep routine without resorting to him crying himself to sleep. To my surprise, the process worked with cheers and not tears. For the past few years, our son was not able to fall asleep in his own bed. After working with Angie, he is able to confidently drift off to sleep on his own. I was skeptical at first after trying for so long on our own but our son is now able to achieve our sleep goals. We are very grateful for Angie, her patience and her knowledge.

Sahil and Devi, parents of 4-year-old

Angie's help was life changing. Our 7-month-old was waking up every 2 hours at night (sometimes more) and the only way to soothe her back to sleep was to rock and/or nurse her. We tried other popular sleep solutions but nothing worked! We were at our wits end with lack of sleep and also having to parent a toddler, when we were given Angie's number. I had my reservations about a sleep coach, but was willing to give ANYTHING a try at this point. Our experience with Angie was fantastic. We had to troubleshoot our previous failed sleep trainings, but she stuck with us with daily then weekly calls and the results speak for themselves. Our daughter was sleeping through the night in a few weeks (which we thought was impossible!). We definitely recommend Angie to anyone who needs help with their baby's sleep. You'll be happy you called her.
Ashley, mom of 7-month-old

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